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Starting in in November 2023 Ramon Clemente has decided to pause his basketball career for a few months to focus on the "PUSH 100MPH Tour". This tour will be booked from people across the United States in person and also via Zoom. What does this course offer you may wonder. The tour will be Ramon delivering Motivational speeches, teaching QPR Suicidal prevention or a combo of both depending on the request. 

Motivational speaking is something Ramon Clemente is very passionate about. His reason behind getting into this field is to be some type of help to change lives for the better. The experiences he has lived he has created various ways to reach out to the public. Such as his Podcast "PUSH 100MPH" or through his Social Media platforms. The goal is to PUSH his audience to not only want the best version of themselves but to understand themselves even more on a deeper level. There are no limits on the amount of people that can attend Ramon's motivational speech.

Also QPR Suicidale Prevention training. Ramon Clemente is officially a certified QPR instructor receiving his certificate in October of 2023. Suicide is a very important issue we have in the world we live in today. It was very important to add QPR along this tour because anything that helps others for the better is what PUSH 100MPH stands for. Ramon will be able to teach up to 35 people per class when it comes to QPR training.

For any information on Ramon Clemente coming to your city please fill out the information below. Motivational speaking, QPR Suicidal training or both packaged together please reach out to us and add your information below.

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