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Meet Ramon Clemente

Ramon Clemente coming from Queens, NY  has been privileged to travel the world Playing Professional Basketball (15+ Years). He has a mission when speaking to groups, that mission is motivating and pushing others to get the best version of them. Whatever group he's speaks for a group of  he'll be sure to bring his passion and good energy to the stage.

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My Story 

Ramon was a drop out at John Bowne High School and ended up getting his G.E.D. He has never played Basketball for his High School team but found a way to work harden enough to make it to go to Junior College. He ended up Playing for a Junior College in Texas by the name of Paris JC and getting his Associates Degree in his two years of attendance. From that point he moved on to become a high level Division One Athlete at Wichita State University but more importantly getting his Bachelors Degree.


As his journey continued he started his professional Basketball Career in Puerto Rico in 2009. For the next fifteen years  (still playing) he has played across the World many countries to name a few Israel (4 years), Italy, Argentina (four years) and more.

In between his professional basketball career he also represented the Puerto Rican National team for nine years. To compete at the highest level against the worlds best athletes. Competing in two World Cups and many international competitions he decided to retire from the National Team in 2020 and just continue his professional basketball career.

As Ramon's journey continued he took it upon himself to start getting involved in the communities of people in need. Starting off with free Basketball clinics in his neighborhood in Queens New York City inspired him to do even more around the world but more than just basketball. Ramon decided to developed a team "PUSH 100 MPH". A saying he used when he needed a little encouragement to himself it became his personal phrase. With this team the mission has officially started to help those in need. Feeding the homeless around the Island  of Puerto Rico. Giving motivational speeches to the youth in juvenile prisons, Military Schools, Youth spots teams and Zoom Calls. 

Ramon's next step was creating a Podcast called "PUSH 100MPH" where the focus with this show was targeting Motivation and Mental Health. Started in 2020 the Podcast is still going strong seventy plus episodes. Being heard in over forty four countries and 478 cities this show continues to spread positivity across the world.

Ramon's story of failure in life and overcoming obstacles is one that will connect with your audiences and motivate them to take advantage of every opportunity in life. His unique story needs to be heard because it teaches others that good things will happen when you work for it.


Ramon is on a mission to inspire his audiences to live life and PUSH 100MPH.


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